crow coffee pots

A pair of enamel Turkish coffee pots that I bought from Whole Foods Market in Kensington and decorated with Marabu ceramic pens.  A Christmas present for my elder daughter.


IMG_9874 IMG_9873


new web site.

I’ve been busy trying to make a new website. If it works for me I’ll be transferring it to the proper .com address at some point. The plan is that I’ll be able to keep it more up-to-date and can try pages out before committing to them. It’s another WordPress site, here’s the current link:

racket and jackie

The finished Racket and Jackie puppets.

Racket has a knitted body over his pale green inner sleeve. It’s a mix of arran and mohair to achieve the right colour, but it’s a little too like he’s clothed – I shall be knitting him a pure mohair coat soon.


Racket and his puppet.

Jackie still has only her blue sleeve – I’ve  not decided what she will wear, but at least she can now go on display with a little more dignity.

IMG_9200 IMG_9176 IMG_9197 IMG_9175


Flock is a sculpture which has been a long time in the making.

It was conceived as an idea while I was working at Stormy Castle in Gower and is intended as a sculpture which can be adapted to its environment; taking a regimented form, flowing against existing structures or placed as a sinuous streak in the landscape. Using ‘end-ties’ which hold the shuttering while pouring large quantities of concrete the flock mimics in metal the wading birds seen all around the site as building work was taking place.

IMG_1864A painting of the end-ties on site.

IMG_5400A year ago: 2 end-ties and freshly cut and drilled blocks.

The wood is now silvering nicely and there are 102 birds in this flock.

IMG_7606 IMG_7608 IMG_7607 I am hoping to be able to photograph the Flock in a variety of places – a beach, an open industrial space – but at nearly 19 stone and in 102 pieces it will need some planning.

The shadows are wonderful.



birthday puppets

I bought Dave theatre tickets for his birthday and decided that, rather than giving him just the envelope to open, I’d make him a pair of ‘me’ and ‘him’ puppets who would present the tickets to him.

IMG_0249Early on, the heads were hidden in a shoe box between the times I was able to work on them.

IMG_6958I made a blue cotton sleeve for each of them, gave ‘me’ glasses and darker hair, which seemed to work a lot better, and both of them got some hands.

IMG_6957I made little back-fastening gowns for both of them with our dates of birth sewn into the hems. Dave’s has an image of lichen printed on to linen and stitched to the garment, mine has an ammonite. The back is tied with bias-binding.

IMG_0259This is how Dave received his theatre tickets on his birthday.

IMG_9824Yesterday, in front of the woodpile.