all four coral paintings

in their Mexican frames.  I tried to take photos on my SLR and my phone-camera but on both everything still seems hazier than it is. In reality the black is matte and saturated, I’ll try again in daylight tomorrow.

IMG_3660 IMG_3657

            IMG_3654  IMG_3656


in their mexican frames

When we went to Mexico a couple of years ago I had 4 tin frames made. These are the smaller ones.

I have found it hard to make just the right painting to go in them; a painting of a chihuahua on a Mexican tiled floor was too fussy and other sketches were wrong in scale. I think these paintings of coral suit the frame and feel just right.


IMG_0650The fussy chihuahua.


A painting done from some little sketches and prompted into paint and a title by our elder daughter’s engagement yesterday.  It would suit a tin frame so may be one to scale up for the larger frames.

memento ferias

I’ve just finished a painting started nearly a year ago, a nicho painting made on our return from Mexico. It’s taken until now because I’d not painted the nicho and hadn’t decided on the ‘photograph’. In the end I decided on this one, a child we met, half of her face painted in ‘Day of the Dead’ fashion.  The ‘papel picado’ (tissue paper cut outs) hung everywhere during the week of celebrations.

Mexico Nicho

Another nicho painting following a holiday – this time to Treboul.  The boy in the painting is Max, a friend’s son, photographed later in Devon after he’d been fishing with his father. The title and the presence of a tired Max is a small nod to the work of Christopher Wood who made several paintings in and around Treboul including “The Sleeping Fisherman”.

Treboul Nicho (Treboul Fisherboy)

In 2009 we had a short break in Rome and arranged it so that we coincided the visit with a friend, Chris, and her mother, Mary. The photograph in the nicho is Mary enjoying one of the long, light evenings we spent outside at a restaurant.  The floor is one we saw in a church crypt and the pigeon lay outside the colosseum.

Rome Nicho

Finally, an imagined, night-time view from the garden in Aberporth where we often stay at our friends’ cottage.   Their Jack Russell, Jack, is the subject of the little painting in the nicho.

Aberporth Nicho (Jack Dreams of Aberporth)