making a sellotape figure

1. Wrapping my friend in clingfilm.  She was remarkably calm despite the wrap getting near to her eyes and mouth.

8cJXgwPV4wE1UNlAlZJ956e1BA5ccp1eUa1rJU7XoFY IMG_0936Half wrapped in Sellotape.

IMG_0938The finished cast of the head.


One hand was made mitten-like, the other was wrapped in very thin tape so we could make separate fingers.

IMG_0957 IMG_0961All body parts finished. They’ll be taped together in position once I’ve decided on the stance of the figure. I intend this figure to be one a a few that hang from the ceiling of the Chapel at next year’s show of puppet-inspired work. I will be looking into the possibility of lighting them from within with LED lights and of creating elongated, and hybrid casts too.


more russian dolls

Hans my Hedgehog

IMG_3919Hans realises he is half hedgehog, half boy.

“Father, go to the blacksmith’s and have my cock-rooster shod, then I will ride away and never again come back.”

Hans-My-Hedgehog pulled off her beautiful clothes and stuck her with his quills until she was bloody all over. “This is the reward for your deceit. Go away. I do not want you.” With that he sent her back home, and she was cursed as long as she lived.

IMG_3949He took off his hedgehog skin after going into the bedroom, and before getting into bed. The men immediately picked it up and threw it into the fire, and then stayed there until it was completely consumed by flames.

Little Red Riding Hood.

IMG_3926The woodcutter.

IMG_3946When he cut her bindings and she told him what happened, he took his hunting knife from his pocket and cut the wolf’s belly open to rescue Little Red Riding Hood. While the wolf slept, they all filled his empty stomach with stones and sewed his stomach shut again.