m to z

Open Books Plus opens in the Sanshang Museum in Hangzhou on 2nd November 2013 for 3 weeks.  It is then expected to move on to Hong Kong, in May 2014 it travels on to the Logan Regional Gallery in Queensland and from there to the ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy) Library Gallery in July.

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pto, w and x

More from the Kitchen Wall Alphabet primer, to be included in an exhibition which is going on tour in November to China and Australia.


P.T.O The last fold on the first side.


The kitchen has seen at least a couple of marriages in its time, represented here by a Day of the Dead couple who live on the radio.



There’s a growing collection of wishbones on top of the microwave.


A cheat of an ‘X’ but an important one.


Also on the microwave is a Christmas cactus, an off-cut of one that my nana had 40 years ago.