puppets in print

Some work for my studio walls, on newspaper to give the puppets a ready-made background. 


IMG_8960Hilary who deserves some fuller hair and a dress.


Thomas. A little finer-featured here than in reality.




Jackie. Still without a body, on her stand.





Me. “Do Something”.




4 thoughts on “puppets in print

  1. These are really exciting, your wonderful puppets translate so beautifully to flat depiction. The red fetus is particularly beautiful.

    • Thanks BB! The Frida painting is the one I am least sure about, so that’s good to hear!
      I’ve been meaning to link you to some photos from Mexico I think you might like. I shall search for your email address!

      • What I like is how you avoid the excesses of the Frieda cult, there isn’t any hint of Kahlo cliché . It is a strikingly fresh image, not an easy task when dealing with such popular figure.
        Yes please send the link, my email is: neobaroque@mac.com
        We are planning our Dia de Los Muertos activities but it seems a bit lackluster outside of Mexico City; thankfully LA has many vibrant celebrations. I will have camera in hand!
        be well

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