Flock is a sculpture which has been a long time in the making.

It was conceived as an idea while I was working at Stormy Castle in Gower and is intended as a sculpture which can be adapted to its environment; taking a regimented form, flowing against existing structures or placed as a sinuous streak in the landscape. Using ‘end-ties’ which hold the shuttering while pouring large quantities of concrete the flock mimics in metal the wading birds seen all around the site as building work was taking place.

IMG_1864A painting of the end-ties on site.

IMG_5400A year ago: 2 end-ties and freshly cut and drilled blocks.

The wood is now silvering nicely and there are 102 birds in this flock.

IMG_7606 IMG_7608 IMG_7607 I am hoping to be able to photograph the Flock in a variety of places – a beach, an open industrial space – but at nearly 19 stone and in 102 pieces it will need some planning.

The shadows are wonderful.




3 thoughts on “flock

  1. I love this Philippa, the whole idea, photographing it in various places. the shadows must be endlessly fascinating as the sun moves round them. I also love the first little drawing/painting, it seems so poignant, the higgledyness of the heads and the washed out sandy colours. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the installation photos.

    • All the blocks are now in the kitchen waiting to have 4 coach screws screwed into each as feet and a title plate screwed on underneath each. It’s taking ages but the cats are enjoying them as they sleep on them – I think they heat up during the day in the sun! After that, 3 coats of wood-preserver and then fixing the end-ties in permanently. *Then* I can get out and about photographing them in different locations!

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