the frida puppet

IMG_9680IMG_6843Being fitted for her dress.

IMG_6845In  a muslin chemise.

Fk3And in her outfit.



4 thoughts on “the frida puppet

  1. Hi Philippa , I didn’t realise you had a blog, so this comment is nearly a month late! I , too , love Frida Kahlo’s work, I saw the exhibition in London, a couple of years ago and I read her biography a few years back, she is an inspirational artist, and to have worked through so much pain , it’s all very humbling. Your puppet has so much of Frida in her ,the glove puppet is a great idea too, you can do so many spontaneous things with it, unlike the stringed puppet, which I found to be rather a struggle to get to grips with. I love that story Anita recounted , what a woman Frida was! Also those other puppets you are working on, it all looks fascinating, I hope you will keep posting their progress.

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  3. One of my favorite artists!! There’s a story about Frida, when once she had accompanied Diego to NYC for his work on one of his murals—she was walking on the street in her beautiful, circular peasant skirt when she encountered a group of school children. The children surrounded her, picked up her skirt by the hem and turned her slowly, like a carousel, as they sang a joyful little song. Despite her shyness about the disfigurement of her legs, she loved the spontaneity of it. I can’t see an image of Frida’s skirts without thinking of this. 😉

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