the marionettes’ progress

Finished. It measures 52 cm x 180 cm unframed.

IMG_8992Details of the marionettes

IMG_8996 IMG_8997 IMG_8999and of the shadows.


Last week, the gallery owner came to see the framed work for Magical Thinking in August. She saw this tacked to the wall and asked if it could be in the show too. It hadn’t been my intention but she was welcome to it. I told her about my (still evolving!) idea to paint the marionettes individually, to cut them to shape and hang them high on a wall. She liked the idea a lot and has asked to have the work and make an exhibition of it at her new gallery, a chapel, as soon as the body of work is complete.

This, meanwhile, will be framed and hung in Magical Thinking.


8 thoughts on “the marionettes’ progress

  1. That is marvelous, good for you. I love the idea of the drawings becoming even more vivid with color; they are so animated as they are. Will be a spectacular procession and show.

  2. Of course. It’s magical thinking that drives the puppeteers… and magical thinking that suspends our disbelief and allows us the pleasure of seeing marionettes alive.

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