puppets’ progress


IMG_3301Puppets hanging in the Toone Theatre, Brussels.

IMG_3776Sketch book puppet.

After having watched one performance and having seen the rows of puppets at the Toone Theatre I made a sketch of one of the puppets we’d seen; it’s one of those sketches whose job is to lead somewhere rather than be an end in itself.  While I was drawing this I was thinking about that serried, wall-hung audience and two ideas played around in my head. The first was to make many small paintings of the puppet heads and hang them close together like a theatre audience. The other was this – a frieze of puppets. Luckily, the following day we were able to go back and I could take the photos I needed to make the big drawing.

Since then I’ve been wondering about merging the two ideas, painting cut-outs and collaging them onto a long painting.

IMG_3774 IMG_3775 IMG_3772 IMG_3770


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