things fall apart

christeningdressThings Fall Apart 60 cm x 40cm

A painting which has been brewing for a while, Things Fall Apart has been waiting for the right dress to paint.  I’ve had in mind a painting of a baby in a christening robe by Abigail Reed, a painting by Rachel Baes, La Naissance du Secret, and photographs by Julia Margaret Cameron. This dress, spotted in a window of a shop in Ghent, isn’t quite the right dress but is nearer than I’ve been in the last few years.

And a couple of small paintings of puppet heads seen on the same trip The intention is to have an audience of them high on a wall one day.

         IMG_3461    IMG_3467


4 thoughts on “things fall apart

    • *So* many more puppet heads to paint – I think this will be a long project! And thank you for your comment on Things Fall Apart, it might have swayed me back into the ‘don’t change it’ camp.

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