back to stormy castle

Three more 30cm square, finished paintings from Stormy.

IMG_2001 IMG_1984The Wing Wall


And a barely started painting to cut through all the small square ones. This is 200cm x 80cm and shows the mesh fencing used to hold back the vast earth wall.



2 thoughts on “back to stormy castle

  1. The way your painting and the paper go together is just beautiful Philippa, really cracking stuff and that large painting is stunning already. I’m getting those flickering ‘op art’ dots between the squares. I do love your choice of subject matter, but your treatment of it is really special

    • The paper’s very heavy and quite textured, not easy to paint fine detail which is good, it stops me getting tighter and more precious on the smaller pieces. The large one is hard to look at let alone paint, I’m getting those optical illusions every time I catch sight of it!

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