f g h


5 thoughts on “f g h

  1. Love each of these Images individually, but together in the folding book they look terrific, it’s a lovely looking thing and, yes, agree with Clive, just begs to be picked up and handled

  2. This is beautiful, though must be even better in the hand. (I felt that a problem of the folding-books exhibition I took part in earlier this year, was that the interactivity was missing because all of them were under glass.) In yours there is a lovely consistency to the images and lettering. It feels coherent and planned. Earlier this year my own folding-book changed identities part-way in, like an actor who suddenly got muddled about which play he was in!

    • I didn’t notice any inconsistency in yours, Clive.
      The only changeable thing is these is the image; the font, the very, very limited palette and the layout are the same from page to page so what it lacks in colour and surprise it gets rewarded with in consistency!
      The more I look at the H is for Hand the more I want to do a Bone Book!

  3. Wonderfuller and wonderfuller! (I’ve got some fossil ferns on slate like that, sadly they broke up a bit in storage, but the fragments are still pretty!)

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