alphabet primer

A few letters for a forthcoming on-line exhibition of alphabet primers curated by Shellie Byatt and Lucy Kempton.

The remit was to produce some or many letters for a primer limiting the colours to black, white and one other accent colour.  All submissions had to include the lettering.
We’re currently having building work on our house and the back wall of the kitchen is to be demolished. It has stood for 120 years. This alphabet primer details some of the events it has witnessed or objects it has shared the kitchen with over those years. If the primer is finished in time it would be nice to seal it in a cavity behind a new wall for the next 120 years.

The accent colour where it’s used is buff titanium, although it’s more a third colour than an accent,  and the lettering is in ‘baskerville’ font – both lend to the austere, Victorian feel of the primer.

There was a Victorian pulley-airer over the hearth in the kitchen when we moved in and this type of concertina-airer often takes its place in front of the stove.

Which was meant to be “Q is for Queen Victoria” but I completed it without thinking. Q will be for Queen Elizabeth now.

There used to be a servants’ bell like this above the back door and a rope pulley system, to work it, through the house. A little angel pin-brooch that for some years was part of a very mis-matched nativity set that assembled itself on kitchen mantle piece every Christmas.


3 thoughts on “alphabet primer

  1. These are fantastic. I think Victoria easily stands alone without queenly identification; let Elizabeth keep her crown, Victoria transcends it. The Airer is amazing, complicated, geometric yet comforting, lovely work. I giggled at your belief that buff is a third color, my own primer has been a constant struggle with restraint- where is that damned gold leaf when it is needed! I have said so before, but will repeat myself. I really admire your work. Take care, Leonard.

    • Yes, Elizabeth will get the “Q” although “E” is a bit tricky. I have ‘egg dish’ planned for ‘e’ but each there are 48 spaces for 26 letters, so most double up. George, or King George will have to get a look in too, I guess!

      • I wouldn’t for the life of me try an egg dish, far too subtle an image. But in your able hands it will be lovely. As I am a sucker for monarchs, I look forward to any you bring forth.

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