mad crow bowl

To be part of a window display to celebrate the Abergavenny Food Festival.


The soup bowl was from a charity shop, the decoration was done with a Marabu ceramic pen and should be fairly durable.

A Theatre of Plates: An exhibition of artist decorated ceramics. The Art Shop, Abergavenny.

Tuesday 11 – Tuesday 18 September


10 thoughts on “mad crow bowl

  1. Love these crows Philippa, the black on it’s own looks very handsome on that creamy bowl, I’m inspired. Good to meet you and Dave this weekend, back in London now and planning a trip to the art shop to buy me some pens

  2. Great result Philippa. I acquired some of these pens from the Art Shop, though I’ve not been asked to take part in the event. (I think maybe because of my being with MTG)

    I love these, but I hope too that you will one day make some earthenware with Pip!

    • I’m still hoping to make the earthenware dinner service with Pip – these silhouette crows were drawn a year ago with just that in mind.

      I look forward to seeing what you make of the pens! (Here) I enjoyed using them. I bought lots of pretty colours and ended up using only the black (typical!) and white, ivory and black on a little Day of the Dead practice tile.

  3. Oh I do love a good raven-crow, any black bird really. The starling is my personal totem, pesky little bugger. I love her rendition, so handsome. Will you be playing upon the theme?

    • I expect I’ll be playing on the theme quite a bit – I fancy a whole service of mis-matched, second hand pieces. I’ve just returned from a quick trip to the local antiques/second-hand place and was really tempted to buy a chamber pot which would definitely have looked good with a couple of crows on it but it was a bit too chipped!

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