summer paintings from stormy castle

with stronger shadows thanks to the sunnier days.


Rebars on the concrete

Bolts for the shuttering threaded onto a rebar

Wound String

Spooled String

End ties


Shadows on concrete, a drawn line and cut rebar ends.


4 thoughts on “summer paintings from stormy castle

  1. Your colors are just gorgeous. Is this watercolor?, gouache? the saturation of color on the density of the rag paper is just wonderful .
    You have such a keen eye, finding beauty in the mundane and the utilitarian . I am personally so seduced by the otherworldly , to see what is so readily available at the Home Depot elevated to such a rarefied status is at time a revelation.
    Thanks as always,

    • Thank you, Leonard! I gesso the area I want to paint, then paint red oxide on the gesso and then use acrylic paints.
      Your other-worldly alphabet is a real eye-opener! I love the fleshy skeletons.

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