more paintings from stormy castle

Views in and around the site as the buildings came down. All of them acrylic paint on khadi paper, 30 cm x 30 cm.

Details from a huge, white mesh fence used to retain the steep side of an earth bank and weighted at the bottom edge with rocks from the site.


7 thoughts on “more paintings from stormy castle

    • “Stormy Castle” has never been anything but calm and sunny when I’ve been there, most recently this weekend when the rest of the UK was being drenched! I think I’ve been lucky.
      “Calm”? That hadn’t occurred to me at all. Maybe something to do with the very limited palette?
      I’ve realised that I duplicated a photo so I’ve remedied that now.

  1. Each of these paintings have much in the way of visual interest, Philippa! I especially enjoy the play of the geometric patterns (of course!) versus the organic gravels and rocks. And the varied and rich uses of color in these are very intoxicating. I always love to see what you’ve been up to.

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous, I believe I know what sort of fence you have depicted, pretty banal stuff, yet you have created such luminous beauty. Very impressive.

      • I’m familiar with the orange, hadn’t a clue as to other colors. I look forward to other images. I agree with clive and the sense of calm this series evokes. The orange may happily jar things up a bit (-:

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