A while ago I started to make two maquettes. At some point I showed images of them to my friend Clive who told me he liked them; he knows what he’s talking about – you can see his maquettes here . They were put away, nearly finished, until some months later when I unearthed them, reviewed them, decided I didn’t like them and threw them away. Fast forward about a year and I confess all to Clive who was angry.  Then, a week later they turn up – how, I’ve now idea, since I remember the act of putting them in the bin. Anyway, here they are, probably finished and very rough, ready to send to Clive who will look after them far better than I have.

In their final making I suddenly realised just how useful and just how adaptable  they could be, so these are the spring-board to a few more I have half-planned.

The baby doll maquette – the body taken from an old fashioned, new-born baby doll with a bandaged cord, the head is from a photo of the most lovely doll in a doll shop in Holland. It’s so clumsily made on thick card that it’s barely able to be articulated.

This maquette is cobbled together from all sorts of ideas; Dora the skeleton, a female, clothing from the Welsh Doll or from a fairy tale –

and confused further by her half flesh/ half bones.

10 thoughts on “maquettes

    • I spotted the doll in a shop in Amsterdam when I was there with a friend. I took a photo of the doll but felt I couldn’t justify buying it. When we came home I really regretted not buying the doll (I think it’s a boy!) especially when my husband saw the photo and was melted by the doll’s gaze too. A couple of years later I wrote to the shopkeeper and asked if he still had it – he did, but they were closed for refurbishment and he wouldn’t know where to start looking for it until they reopened. Last week I wrote to ask if they’d reopened and whether the doll was still available – they had but he’d sold her. I’ll put the photo, along with some others, in the next post.

  1. These are marvellous! I really like how they seem to be edging towards the three dimensional. How wonderful and lucky that they refused to be cast away!

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