more accidents

My job today was to go through all of the images on my computer, sort them into albums and back them up on the external hard drive. 6 hours later and I’m nearly, maybe, a third of the way through. So many photographs! So much work I’d forgotten I’d made.

In the course of sorting through countless photos of drawings I came across these.

A photograph showing a pair of conjoined jelly babies found in a packet of Jelly Babies and conjoined joeys, found on Aberporth beach the same weekend.

And several photos of the progress of this drawing  (about 160cm x 52cm, charcoal on lining paper) of the tiniest pair of teds.

Working from top to bottom, drawing the stitches in, rubbing them back, drawing them in.

Finished, after deciding their arm should be moved.

Mer-Ted in Aberporth.


4 thoughts on “more accidents

  1. Ah, computer work. Such a hassle but so important, too. Thanks for posting these images… they help to inform the process you had re: the development of the “Teds.” These notes make the ideas of the dolls seem less… random.

    • It really is such a boring, time consuming task.
      The Teds started with an idea to make something deliberately unconventional or not ‘perfect’ at a time I was doing a lot of knitting in order to draw it and paint it (I’ll sort our some images when the HD stops hanging every two minutes!). It was by chance that I kept spotting conjoined things after that.

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