more paintings from stormy castle

5 more paintings from Stormy Castle, each is 30 cm square on khadi paper.

The bat might  not stay, although I’m getting quite used to, if not fond of, it. I painted it in as a light-hearted nod to all the difficulties there were in the planning and the demolition to ensure the bats we protected.


2 thoughts on “more paintings from stormy castle

  1. More very interesting pieces, Philippa. I also enjoy the limited palette you are employing here. The bat is an interesting counterpoint to the two linear elements that rise from the triangular corner. Not that my vote counts, but I vote to let it stay. ; )

    • I’m inclined to leave the bat be and paint another, batless version of the same painting in due course.
      I think the limited palette works well too. It makes a more coherent group of them. You can see green creeping in and the last painting, the discarded wood beyond the plants, it overtakes but I like it and hope when there are more paintings the change will be less remarkable.

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