conjoined teds, accidents of knitting

Following a comment here on Clive Hicks-Jenkins’ web site and after following a link to the extraordinary creatures that can be seen on  Miszek’s blog, I’ve been prompted to post some photographs of some conjoined bears I made a few years ago.

The first one made was Mer-ted, a ted with fused legs.  He now belongs to friends Peter and Clive and, appropriately, lives in the cottage very near to the sea.

Then, in 2005 I was asked by the charity Blindart to submit work for their stand at the London Art fair. As well as taking paintings they chose to take a selection of these accidents of knitting which were exhibited on plinths, elevated to the status of sculpture but available to be thoroughly manhandled if desired. After the exhibition this pair of teds went to another friend and painter, John. They now hang above the head of his bed in their specially made, deep frame, reminding him, he says,  of some confused catholic reliquary or religious shrine.

The only small pair of teds.


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