first day back at the easel

Yesterday was the first proper day back at the easel since the end of May.

I lined my paints up knowing I needed to paint and with a very rough idea of what I was going to put on the board, but decided to have a quick trawl through some paintings I’d all but given up on. This was amongst them. I hadn’t thrown it away as something obviously still interested me about it, it had just taken some time to see it afresh.


2 thoughts on “first day back at the easel

  1. Good to see you back at the easel Philippa. Fortuitous too that you had a little something in the rejects bin to kick-start the process. I’m a great believer in the art of salvage, pulling back from the edge a painting that had been set aside in frustration. I like this compartmentalised composition, in which everything has to work hard to earn its place. I can see there’s an earlier version just visible in which the doll’s face is directed upward into the composition, whereas the present drawing has the head sharply turned so that it’s facing downward. Given that an observer’s eye will usually gravitate toward the face in a painting, it will be interesting to see how you proceed in order to direct that eye back up into the painting, keeping the attention flowing around the overall image and not sliding off the bottom edge.

    • It’s really good to be back upstairs at the easel, Clive, it feels like home-sickness and excitement all in one.
      That doll you can see underneath I’d forgotten was there and overlooked somehow until I started really looking hard at what was to be done, so it startled me when I suddenly saw it again, I find it rather creepy. You’re right about having to make each piece work hard for its place – I’m finding already that the skirt isn’t pulling its weight – and as for the gaze leaping straight off the bottom of the painting, well, I think that’s going to be quite a challenge!

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