a trip to cwmerfyn

Last year I spent a few days with my friend, Pip Koppel, working with her in her studio at her cottage in Cwmerfyn.

Much of my first day there was spent being happily distracted by adding more and more ‘garnish’ to the wonky little thumb pots I’d made in an attempt to make something of them. Pippi, meanwhile, threw bowl after pot, seemingly effortlessly, on the wheel.

Thumb pots beneath their disguises.

Later we worked together – Pip throwing a plate or fashioning a solid little jug, me painting it with yet-to-be-revealed colours. This collaboration, for me, was bliss.

The results of our efforts would take a little time before they could be appreciated as Pip’s old kiln needed to be replaced and it wasn’t until earlier this year that a new kiln was purchased and installed. The pieces we made last year were some of the first to be fired in it and I was pleased and surprised at the transformation; the fired glaze is as unpredictable and it’s forgiving.

Photographs from Pip’s studio  last year.

Next week I shall be spending another few days in mid-Wales working with Pip on some tableware which she’ll throw and I’ll decorate.  In the meantime, I’ll be working on the design/s and I’ll post images  on here once that’s done.


5 thoughts on “a trip to cwmerfyn

  1. What fun to see your work with Pip, and to see her looking so happy… I really love that little painting in the Ty Isaf bedroom and have been looking at your main website today.

    • Marly! Thank you. It was so good to work with Pip. I didn’t make it back there at Christmas, the snow stopped just about all travel in mid-Wales, but I’m hoping to be back there soon (with the bonus that it will be warmer – I’m not quite as hardy as Pip!)

      • When we went by to pick up Nick and Paul, she did show me around the studio, and I took some pictures… I imagine Pip is renewed by and enjoys such visits with younger artists.

        I like those portraits… was just showing them to a friend yesterday.

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