mexico – diego rivera’s studio

Designed by their friend, architect Juan O’Gorman, this is the house that Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo shared from 1934 to 1940. Ribera used the larger, red half as his house and studio, Kahlo had the blue half. The two halves of the house are linked by a bridge. The garden is planted with a cactus fence.



All of the following are images from Rivera’s studio on the first floor.



(Left) The huge north-facing window in Rivera’s studio. The large papier-mâché figures are ‘Judas’ characters, often made to resemble authority figures. They are filled with fireworks in order to explode and disintegrate in spectacular fashion when they are burnt, traditionally on the Saturday before Easter Sunday.



Figures from around the studio


Day of the Dead figure in papier-mâché.



Rivera’s boots and a toad-frog figure (Frida Kahlo affectionately compared Rivera to a frog and Rivera would sign notes and messages as ‘el sapo-rana’, the toad-frog).



2 thoughts on “mexico – diego rivera’s studio

  1. This could not have been found at a more perfect time. I’m gathering ideas for a solo show, large “Judas” figures an important element. We didn’t make it to Diego’s studio ( we did visit Casa Azul and his museum); O’Gorman’s architecture drives me crazy. We were inspired by that complex in planting a living fence here in LA.

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