mexico – dia de los muertos

Over the past couple of days I have been sorting out images from the two weeks we spent in Mexico – first in Mexico City and then in Oaxaca, further south, where they are renowned for their celebrations of the Day of the Dead on November 1st and 2nd.

Here are some images from the trip, some in pages, some singly. The pages are formatted to be 10.5cm x 29 cm, half a sheet of A4 length-ways in order to have them printed and assembled into a booklet. There are 72 pages in total but I shall only put a selection of them here over a few posts. The first of them are all concerned with the celebrations around the Day of the Dead.

Papier-mâché figures  – part of a carnival procession of 70 or so floats.


Two figures waiting to join their equally amused colleagues on the float.


La Catrina in a restaurant window and a selection of teeth-casts and braces in a dentist’s.



More confectionery – the unwelcome influence of hallowe’en creeping in.


Characters from a hundreds-strong March of the Zombies.


Papier-mâché skeletons waiting to be hung on the lampposts.


A sand sculpture, Oaxaca.


Inventive make-up. The arm of a young girl, dressed for Day of the Dead.





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