framing the ‘art for children’

Most of the stamps paintings for the September exhibition will be framed singly in simple, almost black frames, but  two sets will be framed in groups of three or four; The Marriage and The Family.

These groups of stamps will be hidden or displayed within closing box frames (the side stamps close across the central stamp) to add a layer of ownership and secrecy to the object. The opening doors will be decorated with embossed tin or pewter retablos.

Tin panels for the front of the box frame for “The Marriage” – Dora and Angel.

Thinking further about the piece, I wondered about secreting a real ‘Dora’ behind the framed painting, seemingly posted in an envelope and waiting to be found by the child.  I looked at trying to make the painted stamps into ‘real stamps’ with which to decorate this envelope and found a Royal Mail site which printed stamps to your own design.

This is the result:

Slowly, slowly, the box framed paintings are becoming the little treasure boxes I imagined they could be.


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